A restaurant's Careers Page is the first point of contact Applicants will have with an Organization. It is a landing page where Applicants can be directed to apply for open positions. Detailed Careers Pages gain attraction and can help increase the amount of Applicants for an Organization.

Setting Up The Careers Page

Set up the Careers Page by navigating to System Settings. To do so, click 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module. When System Settings loads, click 'Manage Careers Page in the left navigation pane to open the 'Manage Careers Page' screen.

Include all necessary information as it pertains to the restaurant Organization, including Social Media links, Company Photos, a Company Logo, and a Company Description.

  • Important Note: Changes to banner images can negatively affect site responsiveness. Avoid adjusting logos or banners without experience with CSS or design.

The Header Widget section is the first main display that the Applicant sees when entering the screen. This includes a main headline, a tagline, a description (if desired), and a background image that best reflects the restaurant.

The 'Perks' section is listed on the bottom half of the Careers Page and allows Perks to be organized in individual boxes with an icon and description.

Career Pages are customizable. Additional details can be added to the Career's Page before completing it. When completed, ensure that the details are saved.

View The Careers Page

To view the Careers Page, navigate to the Recruiting Dashboard in the Recruiting module and click 'Careers Page' in the top, right corner of the screen. While entering in and updating the Careers Page, ensure that it is organized in the correct fashion by reviewing it through this portal.