Locations can be easily added and managed in R365 Hire by Admin Users. If a Location needs to be removed for any reason, contact R365 Support for assistance.

This article reviews how to add and edit a Location in R365 Hire. 

Add a Location

To add a new Location, click 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module.

Navigate to the 'My Organization' tab and click 'Locations' in the left navigation pane. This will open the Locations listing. The Locations set up during implementation will appear in this listing.

To create a new Location, click the plus sign next to the title 'Locations'. This will open the 'Create new location' screen.

Fill out all Location information as it is entered in your R365 database. At the bottom of your page under 'Participating Users', add all of the Users who should have access to view Jobs and/or Applicants who apply to Jobs posted for this Location. 

  • Note: Full and limited access Users must be associated with at least one Location in order to take any action or view any Applicants when logged into R365 Hire.

Ensure to save the record to add the Location to the Locations listing.

Edit a Location 

Locations can be edited at any time by clicking the 'Edit' button listed on the desired Location's row. Ensure to save each Location record after editing its details.

 To delete a Location, contact R365 Support to remove the Location from your account.