E-Verify allows participating Employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired Employees. You must have an E-Verify Web Services account in order to integrate E-Verify with an R365 Hire account. Once an E-Verify account is set up, contact R365 Support with the details about the account and, upon integration, begin verifying each New Hire's employment.

To use E-Verify, Employers must:

  • Follow E-Verify procedures for each newly hired Employee while enrolled/participating in E-Verify
  • Notify each Job Applicant of E-Verify participation
  • Clearly display the 'Notice of E-Verify Participation' and 'Right to Work' posters in all languages supplied by DHS
  • Complete Form I-9, or Employment Eligibility Verification, for each newly hired Employee before creating a case in E-Verify
  • Ensure that all Form I-9 List B identity documents have a photo 

Setting Up E-Verify

To set up E-Verify after enrolling in E-Verify,  follow the steps below.

  1.  Enroll in E-Verify by following the instructions provided
  2.  Log into E-Verify. If you see a 'Web Services' tab, click it and skip to Step 5
  3.  Re-enroll with E-Verify and answer 'yes' to the question: 'Does your Company plan to develop its own software to use E-Verify?'
  4.  Click on the 'Web Services' tab in the navigation menu

  5.  Notify R365 Support that your Organization is enrolled so that we can integrate E-Verify with the account. Ensure that the following information is included:
    • Subject - Enter 'Setting up E-Verify for R365 Hire'
    • Database - The R365 Hire link
    • Category - Operations
    • Description- Include the following three items:
      • Employer Account Company ID - Located in the upper, right corner next to the Username/Admin User Id
      • The E-Verify Program Admin User ID - Located in the upper, right corner of the E-Verify Web Services screen
      • The E-Verify Company Name - Navigate to 'Company' in the navigation menu and then 'Company Profile' to view the name as it appears in E-Verify
    • Requester - A reliable Email Address for the User placing the request
  6.  R365 Support will contact the User requesting a username and password from E-Verify on the Organization's behalf (this will not replace the username and password on the main account). R365 will email instructions from E-Verify to set up a password in the account under that 'Web Services' tab.
  7.  Once a password is set up, go to the E-Verify form in the Onboarding module and click 'Enable'. Input the username and password and hit save
  8.  Create a Manager Checklist and add the E-Verify form to it and add it to the Onboarding process. This will redirect the Manager to the E-Verify Manager Checklist after completing the I-9 to start verifying the Employee
  9.  Employees can now hire new Employees!

E-Verify Process within R365 Hire

Once an Applicant is hired, they will be prompted to complete their New Hire paperwork as usual. These are the steps for the E-Verify process:

  1.  The New Hire completes their Form I-9 in Onboarding
  2.  The 'Submit to E-Verify' form is automatically generated on the Manager Checklist after both the Employee and Manager side of the Form I-9 is complete
  3.  The form will be pre-populated with the New Hire's information. The Manager needs to review the details and then submit the task. In most cases, the Employee will be marked as 'Employment Authorized' within a few seconds
  4.  If an error occurs, continue to the next section below

Error in Employment Verification

If there is a problem verifying the Employee's information when submitting the E-Verify form, presented immediately will be a follow-up step to complete. These statuses include:

  • Employment Authorized - Employee is verified and eligible to work. Close the case
  • Unconfirmed Data - Some of the Employee's information needs to be corrected or confirmed before resubmitting. Review the highlighted information and resubmit
  • Closed - [eligibility statement] - The case has been closed. The eligibility statement will show, in the vast majority of cases, that your Employee is verified and eligible to work
  • Photo Match - Look at a photo of the Employee in R365 Hire and verify that they are the person being hired
  • Scan and Upload - User needs to provide photos of the front and back of the Employee's photo document
  • Tentative NonConfirmation - Pending Referral- Employer must provide the Employee with a formal notice that they have to visit a DHS/SSA office for additional verification, also called the 'Further Action Notice' letter. The Employee chooses whether or not to contest, and mark this in R365 Hire
    • Note: This letter can found by clicking into the 'EVerify' status under the Employee's name on the Onboarding Dashboard. In the 'Required Form' window that opens, click 'Download' next to the document listed. Notify the Employee of this status and then print and provide to the Employee for signing. Close the case if the Employee chooses not to contest; if the Employee does want to contest, choose 'Confirm the employee has been notified of TNC' and click 'Submit'

  • Tentative NonConfirmation - Referred - The Employee chose to contest their nonconfirmation, and the case has been referred to DHS/SSA.  The Employee must be provided with the 'Referral Date Confirmation' letter, which is found by clicking the 'EVerify' status under the Employee name on the Onboarding Dashboard
  • Manual Review - DHS is manually reviewing the case. No action needed
  • Queued - The case is waiting to be processed. No action needed
  • Final Nonconfirmation - Employee is non-confirmed and no authorized to work in the U.S. Close the case
  • Close Case and Resubmit - Some problem has occurred, and this case must be closed and resubmitted. Close the case, click the 'Submit to E-Verify' link and start the whole process over. A record of this previous case will appear in the Employee's History tab