When a Job is posted as confidential, the Job is not posted on the Careers Page or Indeed but rather to job boards other than Indeed, such as ZipRecruiter. However, Confidential Jobs can be shared to interested Applicants via email, social media, or other sources after they are created.  

Sharing a Confidential Job

To share a Confidential Job posting, navigate to the Jobs listing in the Recruiting module and filter the listing for the desired Confidential Job. When the Job is displayed, navigate to the 'Actions' column and select 'Share'. This will open the 'Share Job Posting' modal.

A Job can be shared via Email or Manual Sources. The Email option provides an Email Template and the Job posting link so that only minor changes need to be made before the email is ready to be sent out. The Manual Sources option allows for Custom Sources to be created via the '+ Add Custom Source' button at the bottom of the modal to better track the Sources of applications.

To share the Confidential Job posting, click the 'Share' button next to the desired Custom Source and select either 'Copy link' or 'Copy link with description'. This Confidential Job posting can now be shared to additional sources!