Confidential Job postings refer to the Job's that are posted without company information included. This setting is chosen during the final step of the Job posting process and ensures the the Job is not posted on the Careers Page or Indeed but rather to job boards other than Indeed, such as ZipRecruiter. However, this Job can be shared to interested Applicants via email or social media. Click here to learn more about Sharing a Confidential Job.

When a Confidential Job is posted, a Confidential Account Name will take the place of the company name in the Job posting. Therefore, a Confidential Account Name must be set up in R365 Hire. 

Create a Confidential Account Name

Click 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module to open Account Settings. Navigate to the 'My Organization' tab and then click 'Company Profile' in the left pane. This profile contains all necessary details in relation to the Company, including the Confidential Account Name.

Scroll down to the 'Confidential Account Name' field located just above the 'Advanced Options' section. When entering in this name, ensure that the name is specific to the industry of the company but does not include the company name, such as 'Fast Food Franchise'. 

When finished, ensure to save the changes made.