Once a Job is posted, it will automatically be posted to Job boards, including Indeed and SimplyHired. Due to the amount of Jobs posted there daily, it is crucial to refresh Job postings every 30 days so as to bring the Job back to the top of the listing. 

Note: Jobs should only be refreshed if the position is still vacant. Refreshing a Job simply to fill a hiring pipeline is against Indeed's Search Quality purposes. 

Refresh a Job Posting

A Job posting can be easily refreshed through the Jobs listing, where all Jobs are organized by Title, Location, Status, and more.

When the Jobs listing opens, the 'Refresh In' column will display how many days left until each Job posting needs to be refreshed. For an easier view into the Jobs that currently need to be refreshed, click the 'Refresh' tab at the top of the Jobs listing to display only those Jobs. 

Each Job that needs refreshing will display the 'Refresh' button next to the Job title. To refresh, simply click this button. It will refresh the Job posting and will be replaced with a comment noting that it will need to be refreshed in 30 days. The person who manages this job will receive an email notification when it is time to refresh the Job posting again.

  • Note: Editing a Job posting will not refresh the posting. The 'Refresh' button must be clicked to refresh the post.