Hiring Steps help determine the hiring workflow for your Human Resources Team. These steps can be uniquely organized for each Job or to better reflect your Organization's overall Hiring Process via the Hiring Process window in System Settings

Users will first need to set up Hiring Processes and select the desired Hiring Steps before creating Job postings.

Organizing Hiring Steps for the Hiring Process

Navigate to the Hiring Processes list by clicking 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module to open the System Settings window. From there, click 'Manage Hiring Process' in the left navigation pane and then 'Hiring Processes'. This will open the Hiring Processes listing. 

Select the desired Hiring Process and click 'Edit' to review and update the process. If a new Hiring Process needs to be created, click 'Create New Hiring Process'. Click here to learn more about Hiring Processes.

The selected Hiring Process will be displayed in the 'Editing Hiring Process' screen where the name can be easily updated in the 'Name' field and the defaulted Hiring Steps can be reviewed through the horizontal scroll bar. To rearrange steps, click the Rearrange iconand drag and drop the step to the desired spot. Remove a step by clicking the Delete iconin the bottom right corner of the desired step's box. Click 'Add New Hiring Step' to create a new Hiring Step or the name of one of the current steps in order to update the details of that step.

Creating a New Hiring Step

On the 'New Hiring Step' window, enter in the name of the new step and select the 'Locked for Admin Users' checkbox if necessary. Underneath the header, several elements are displayed to select for this step. Check the elements that best pertain to this Hiring Step and include any additional links and/or documents where available.  

Once completed, click the 'Create Hiring Step' button at the bottom of this window to add this step to the selected Hiring process.