Hiring Processes are hiring workflows that help to structure the steps of each unique Hiring Process. The system displays default Hiring Processes that can be updated to better reflect your organization's hiring workflow. It is recommended to adapt these processes as they pertain to each Job and/or Department within your organization.

Hiring Processes must be assigned to each new Job posted. Click here to learn about the Job posting process.


Navigate to the Hiring Processes list by clicking 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module. This will open System Settings. In the left navigation pane, click 'Manager Hiring Process' and then 'Hiring Processes' to view a listing of all Hiring Processes.

Edit Existing Hiring Process

The Hiring Processes listing will display all current Hiring Processes. Default Hiring Processes will be listed, which can easily be renamed and edited as needed to better reflect the Hiring Process for a certain position or for your Organization altogether. Simply navigate to the desired Hiring Process in the listing and click its corresponding 'Edit' link. This will open the 'Editing Hiring Process' window.

Create New Hiring Process

The Hiring Processes listing will display all current Hiring Processes. To create a new Hiring Process, click the 'Create New Hiring Process' button located above the listing. This will open the 'Editing Hiring Process' window.

Editing Hiring Process Window

1) Name - The name of the Hiring Process

2) Add New Hiring Step - This button will display a new screen where an additional step outside of the default Hiring Processes can be created. Created and Default Message Templates, Assessments, and Interview Guides as well as External Assessments and Interview Guides can be included in this window to better outline this Hiring Step's process. Click here to learn about Hiring Steps

3) Rearrange - When clicked and dragged, this green icon will enable the User to rearrange the order of Hiring Steps

4) Delete - When clicked and dragged, this red icon will delete its corresponding Hiring Step

5) Update Hiring Process - This button will save the changes made in this window. A similar button is located next to the 'Editing Hire Process' title at the top of this window

When the Hiring Process is complete, click 'Update Hiring Process' and the Hiring Process will be saved.