When reviewing and communicating with multiple Applicants at one time, using Message Templates allows an easier and faster way to initiate contact at any point in the Hiring Process. Users can work more efficiently by simply clicking the desired Message Template and making small changes before sending an email or text message in a matter of minutes.

R365 Hire includes several default templates that can be used and edited as needed.


To open the Message Templates listing, click 'Settings' in the top ribbon of the Recruiting module.

When the System Settings window opens, navigate to the left pane and click 'Manage Hiring Process' and then 'Message Templates'. A listing of all Message Templates will then be displayed.

Create Message Templates

A new Message Template can be created by simply selecting the desired Hiring Process in the Hiring Process drop-down and then clicking the 'Create New Message Template' button located in the top right corner of the listing. 

A 'Creating New Message Template' modal will appear where the Template Category and Template Type should be selected. Once the desired selections are made, click 'Create Message Template'. This will open a new Message Template.

Enter in the necessary information in the fields listed. If this template will be used more often than other templates, click the 'Present this template first when multiple options exist' checkbox. 

Include any necessary attachments and then click 'Create Message Template' to save the template.