The Location Profile provides a further look into the attributes of your restaurant Locations. The Location Profile can only be utilized if the Location has a Location Type of 'Restaurant' set on its Location record. When updating the Location Type, ensure that the record is saved and the page is refreshed to view the Location Profile link.


The Location Profile can be accessed through the Locations grid or the Location record. 

Locations Grid

All Locations that have a Location Type of 'Restaurant' set on their Location record will display a blue iconunder the 'Profile' column in the Locations grid, which is linked to their Location Profile. Clicking this blue icon will open the corresponding Location's Profile.

Location Record

The Location Profile can also be accessed from the Location record. To do so, double-click the desired Location from the Locations grid to open its record. On the 'General' tab, click the 'Edit Location Profile' link to open the Location Profile.

Location Profile

Enter in the information and select the necessary attributes as they pertain to this restaurant Location. In the 'Delivery and To Go' section, the selections made will display additional fields that can further describe each service.

When finished, ensure that the Location Profile is saved.

Import Location Profile Information

Location Profile information can be easily uploaded through the Import Tool. Navigate to the Import Tool by hovering over 'Administration' in the top ribbon and clicking 'Import'. When the Import Tool opens, select 'Location Profile' for the 'Options' field and 'Update Existing' for the type field. Download the template.

Complete template for one or more Locations. Ensure that the information entered follows these guidelines:

  • The Restaurant Type should be entered as one of the following:
    • Quick Service
    • Fast Casual
    • Full Service
    • Fine Dining
    • Food Truck
    • Bar
    • Entertainment Venue
    • Ghost Kitchen
    • Other
  • A listing of multiple answers should be separated by a semi-colon (;)
  • Enter 'Yes' for columns that are true and enter 'No' or leave blank the fields that are false
    • Note: If a value was entered for a field in previous import but has no value entered for the same field in a new import, then the Location field will retain the old value 
  • A Location's details should only be entered in one row
  • Information about multiple Locations can be entered in the same import