Restaurant365 provides Training Videos through the R365 Academy so that you can learn all available features and functions of the software and ultimately best utilize the system to help your restaurant thrive. While Training Videos can be accessed through the R365 Academy, R365 also provides Training Videos on Reporting and Operations-based topics in the R365's 'Back to School' Tips & Tricks article.

In addition to these, you can find a range of topics covered in the videos below. As new videos are built out, they will be added to this article to help you expand your knowledge of the software and how it can benefit your restaurant!

The videos below include:

How to Use R365's Import Tool

This video reviews how to use the Import Tool as well as troubleshoot errors that arise when uploading a template. The example provided reviews updating Purchased Item records.

Fixing Inventory Costs on Stock Counts

This video reviews the process of updating inventory cost errors entered on Stock Counts. While the information provided covers updates to Legacy Stock Counts, a similar process can be applied to the New Inventory Counts, which are a part of the Smart Ops Release.