The first few times Inventory is taken, it is recommended to count using Shelf to Sheet Inventory. This process is when Inventory Counts are taken on paper and then manually entered or imported into Restaurant365. Whenever taking Inventory Counts, especially in using the Shelf to Sheet process, ensure that two Employees are involved in the count process, where one is counting the stock and the other is verifying and writing the amount.

Print Inventory Count Sheet

From the Stock Count listing, open the desired Stock Count, hover over the 'Action' menu, and then click 'Print Count Sheet'. A Count Sheet will open in a new window.

This Count Sheet lists all items on the Inventory Count and can be used to write down amounts for this particular count. From this Count Sheet window, click the printer icon to print this form. Complete the count and then enter the details in R365 either by desktop browser or the R365 Black App.