This feature works in conjunction with the Schedule Calendar. Click here to learn about the New Scheduling: Schedule Calendar.

The Print Schedule pane on the Schedule Calendar allows you to select exactly what you want to print.  Please note, the image is displayed horizontally for ease of reading on the Support Center.  The Print Schedule pane will appear vertically in your web browser.

1) Location Selector - Select the Location that you want to Print 

2) Department / Jobs Selector - Select the Department or Jobs that will be printed on the Schedule

3) Week / Day Selector - Select the Week (or Day) that will be printed

4) Show By Department - Click this radio button to print the Schedule by Department. When printed from this view, each shift will display the Employee's Name, the Shift Times, and the Job Title.

5) Show by Job - Click this radio button to print the Schedule by Job

6) Show by Employee - Click this radio button to print the Schedule by Employee, with options to display 'All Employees' and only 'Scheduled Employees'

7) Print Fields Events Checkbox - Click this checkbox to include any posted Events on the printed Schedule

8) Print Fields Catering Site Checkbox - This feature will allow you to include any booked Catering Events that contain an assigned Site on the printed Schedule

9) Print Fields Responsibility Checkbox - Click this checkbox to include any Shift Responsibilities on the printed Schedule

10) Print Fields Out Times Checkbox - Click this checkbox to include Out Times on the printed Schedule 

11) Confirm Print Button - Click this button when you are ready to print the Schedule

  • Note: A recent change in Google Chrome (September 2019) made the print preview screen shrinks in size. You are able to restore the previous print preview by adjusting the following Google Chrome setting. Enter 'chrome://flags' into Google Chrome's URL window (where you enter all URLs). Once on this screen, search for 'Print', then locate 'Enable New Print Preview UI Layout' and select 'Disable' in the drop-down menu. Once Chrome has been restarted, the changes will be in effect.