This article is part of R365 Scheduling and the R365 Red App.

Through R365 Employee Messaging, Employees can send messages to each other about shift updates, trading shifts, and more without disclosing any personal phone numbers. The Messaging Portal will display all previous conversations with fellow Employees, while also allowing new messages to be created and sent via the R365 Red App. 

Note: Only Users who have 'App Access' checked on their Employee Record will be able to use this feature. Also, all Employees will need the latest mobile update from the App Store to gain access to R365 Employee Messaging.

Learn how to enable and disable Employee Messaging here.


After logging in to the R365 Red App, the Messaging Queue can be opened by clicking the mail iconin the top-right corner of the home screen.

Messaging Queue

The Messaging Queue lists a record of all text messages between the logged-in Employee and their coworkers. Each message thread will display the corresponding Employee's profile picture, name, job code, the start of the previous message, and the time that message was sent. 

Tapping one of the listed message threads will display all previous messages exchanged with that Employee. To create a new message, click the message iconin the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap the 'To' field to view a listing of all fellow Employees and Managers, as well as a searchbar to filter for the desired recipient. Once selected, the message can be entered and sent to the chosen recipient. The date and time that the message was sent/received will be displayed below the outgoing/incoming messages.

Reporting Messages

If an Employee receives a message that they deem inappropriate, the Employee can report the message directly from the R365 Red App to their Restaurant Manager(s). If the sender of the message was a Manager, the message will be hidden from that Manager's view but visible to other Managers so that the incident can be addressed properly.

  • Note: It is important to try to report messages when they occur, as the system will include the most recent messages shared between the two Employees when a report is made. However, if a complaint still needs to be made after the fact, report the message, then speak with a Manager about the specifics of the complaint.

To report a message, click the 'Report' iconto the right of the Employee name, above the message thread. A prompt will appear confirming that the Employee wants to report the message thread as inappropriate or harassment. Click 'Ok' to confirm and send the reported message to the Manager Portal.

After reporting an Employee, no additional tasks or follow-ups will be made through the R365 Red App. Rather, discuss any outstanding grievances with your Manager.