Recovering from mandated closures during the COVID-19 Pandemic can bring multiple challenges, but your use of R365 should not be one of them. The Restaurant365 Post COVID-19 Tool Kit reviews valuable procedures when implementing Restaurant Locations that may have been closed during your Onboarding process. These procedures include a review of mapping Vendor Items, entering Beginning Balance transactions, troubleshooting Item Costing, and more.

This Tool Kit will serve as a guide to successfully preparing you and your newly opened Locations as you continue to thrive with Restaurant365!


Review the Frequently Asked Questions around Payroll Journal Entries, Item Costing, and more as you begin to familiarize yourself with best practices on Accounting and Restaurant Operations.

Accounting Resources

The Accounting Resources focus solely on creating strong Daily Accounting Practices that are consistent and succinct from your Cut Over Date and moving forward.

Operations Resources

The Operations Resources review the steps of entering Beginning Balance Stock Counts as well as how to map Vendor Items in R365.