The R365 Connect Installer downloads the tool needed to integrate R365 with the User's POS for a specific Location. Installation of this tool only occurs during implementation and at the request of a R365 POS Integration Specialist. This should be downloaded by an Administrator on the restaurant's home computer where the POS is currently running.

Installing R365 Connect

Open the desired Location's record through the 'Location' listing under 'Administration' in the Accounting module. Once the Location record is open, navigate to the 'POS Integration Settings' tab and click the 'Download Setup' button. 

  • Note: If you do not see this tab, it is because the POS Import Type was set to 'None' on the 'General' tab. Return back this tab and select either 'Sales' or 'Sales and Labor', depending on the data you want to poll in each day. Click here for more information on the POS Import Type

A 'Download Setup' prompt will appear that displays the minimum requirements for the installation. Clicking 'Ok' will initiate the process on a blank screen. The download should only last for a few seconds.

Once downloaded, click the file, located in the lower, left-hand corner of your screen, to open the installer.

The loading box will appear to show the installation in motion. Once the download is complete, three User Account Control modals will appear asking to install the following:

  • R365 Components
  • Comida
  • Bomgar Jump Client

Click 'Yes' to all three and then the process will be complete!