Intraday Polling allows current Sales and Labor data to be polled in every 15, 30, or 60 minutes, depending on your POS capabilities. This feature works in conjunction with the Operations Dashboard, where forecasted Sales and Labor data can be viewed alongside real-time data. This feature enables Restaurant Managers to make hourly Labor decisions based on the amount of current Sales each day to reach Optimal Labor performance. 

It is important to note that Users who currently have Toast, Brink, Revel, or Sicom as their POS System will only be able to access this feature and must have Smart Labor enabled to view all widgets/graphs. Contact your CSM or R365 Support for more information on this feature.

Displaying Real-Time Data

With Intraday Polling updating Sales and Labor data every 15, 30, or 60 minutes, the Labor Metrics widget and the Hourly Labor Analysis graph on the Operations Dashboard will display accurate, up-to-date data for guidance on optimizing Labor and strengthening your restaurant operations. 

Learn more by viewing the Operations Dashboard training article.

Location Settings

The Polling Period will be displayed in the 'POS Integration Settings' tab of the Location record. When Intraday Polling is enabled, the number of Locations with this active feature will be displayed alongside the two options below:

  • Previous Day - This is the default option and will display the Sales and Labor data for the previous day in the Operations Dashboard
  • Current Day (XXX)- This will display what the selected POS is capable of. Options include:
    • Current Day (Not Available) - The POS is not capable of providing current day data or the integration has not been set up for the current day
    • Current Day (Hourly) - The POS is only capable of hourly updates
    • Current Day (30 minutes) - The POS can only provide updates every half hour
    • Current Day (15 minutes) - The POS is capable of providing updates every 15 minutes. This is the most real-time option available