The Report Manager is a part of the Reporting Console. Click here for more information on the Reporting Console.

The Report Manager houses all preconfigured reports, which are grouped by Console. Once a report is selected, the Report Parameters can be further defined to filter the report as needed. Finalized reports can be printed from this screen or downloaded as a CSV file or PDF to a local computer.

For more details about the Report Manager, view the 'Report Manager Overview' video and the 'Report Manager' article through the resources box in the bottom, right corner of your R365 Payroll screen


To open the Report Manager window, click 'Report Manager' in the 'Reporting' menu or in the 'Reporting Options' tile.

Report Manager

1) Report List - A listing of all standard reports organized by Console. Clicking into a folder will display the corresponding reports

2) Report Description - A brief summary of the selected report

3) Report Tabs - Each report that is ran will remain as a tab in this window. This enables the User to easily compare reports

4) Edit Report Options - The Report Parameters will automatically load once the report is chosen. Update the necessary fields to filter the report

5) Run Report - This will create the report based on the defined parameters. From this window, the report can be printed or downloaded as a CSV file or PDF

6) Download Report - This will download the report as a CSV file

7) Show on Console - To mark this report as a favorite, which will be listed on the Reporting Console, click this checkbox