The Overtime Warning Report alerts the User as to the date and time Employees will hit Overtime each Operating Week based on their up-to-date Labor punches and their remaining Scheduled Hours for that week. This report can also project how many total hours an Employee will be working for the Operating week based on a selected Location category. 


To navigate to the Overtime Warning Report, click 'My Reports' under 'Reports' in the left pane and then select 'Labor' in the top header of the reporting window. Once opened, a listing of reports will be shown. 

Find 'Overtime Warning Report' and select 'Customize' next to the report. This will open up a listing of all Report Parameters that can be used to define your report.

Report Parameters

1) Filter By - A listing of all Location categories

2) Filter - A listing of all Locations associated with the selected Location category

3) Run Button - Runs the report

Click here to learn more about Report Views and their added functionality.

Report Columns

1) Full Name - The first and last name of the Employee. This column can be alphabetized by first or last name by clicking the filter button

  • Note: Because this report can be ran for multiple Locations, the data for a single Employee will be combined in the same row

2) Scheduled Hours - The amount listed is the Employee's scheduled hours for the current Operating Week

3) Actual Hours - The amount listed is the total time based on Employee's punches for the current Operating Week

4) Projected Hours - The Actual Hours that an Employee has clocked in and out up to the most recent punch data + the remaining Scheduled Hours for the current Operating Week. This column can be organized numerically by clicking the filter button 

5) Overtime Starts - This column will list the date and time that an Employee will enter Overtime while working a shift. If 'In Overtime' is displayed, this means that the Employee already entered Overtime

6) 'Actual Hours are through (Date)' Note - This note lists the date of the most recent Labor punches in the instance

Note: The calculations for these Report Columns include updates made for OT Exempt Employees.

Email, Export, or Print the Report

This report can be emailed, exported, or printed in custom formatting directly from the reporting window. Click here to learn how to send, export, or print this report.