Restaurant365 includes default list views that are designed to sort information by Approval Status and Date so that the most recent items marked as Unapproved are located at the top of the listing for accessibility purposes. Depending on the amount of AP Transactions and polling Locations within your Organization, these listings may include a large quantity of transactions, causing longer load times when opening these default views. 

To help combat this, as of Wednesday, February 19, 2020, the AP Transactions Default List View and the Daily Sales Summary List View will now be filtered to show only Unapproved transactions sorted by the most recent to date. This will only impact R365 default list views and ultimately help to decrease load times and enhance your system performance.

Restore to Legacy Default View

To restore your Legacy Default Views to include Approved AP Transactions/Daily Sales Summaries, navigate to the corresponding list view. The list view header, located just above the transactions grid, will include the majority of the functions needed to update the listing. Follow these steps to restore your list view:

  1.  Click 'Clear Filter'
  2.  Click 'Clear Sort'
  3.  Adjust the layout as needed
  4.  Click 'Save View'
  5.  Click 'Set Default'