As 2019 comes to a close, we, like many of you, find ourselves reflecting on the year and what we've been able to accomplish.  What is even more humbling, is how each of you, our partners, has played a major part in contributing to these accomplishments.  2019 has been a stellar year for us and we hope that is has been the same for each of you!  

When we decided to put together Our Favorite New Features that debuted in 2019, it actually took us several days.  We've released more features, improvements, and updates than ever before.  And it is only the beginning...  2020 is gonna be big!

Without further ado, here are our Favorite New Features in 2019

User Preferences Screen 

        - A new screen where Users can set specific AP and JE entry preferences

Commissary Improvements * 

         - Commissary Orders can now be made from Multiple Commissaries and Orders can be imported via the Import Tool


         - Stay on top of your Prep Costs with Prep, an enhancement to Recipe Costing

Shopping Lists  

         - Create easy to use Shopping Lists from multiple Vendors

Advanced Fiscal Close * 

         - Close AP or General Ledger functions by Period from a new Fiscal Year Maintenance screen

Enhanced AP Invoice Entry  

        - Improvements were made to the AP Invoice Form after direct Customer feedback

Custom Sales Forecasting  

         - Build out Custom Sales Forecasts to meet the needs of your Locations

R365 AP Automation * 

         - The AP Automation Suite makes your AP Process as simple as 1,2,3

                                            Capture Approve Pay  

  • AP Capture - Let R365 do the heavy-lifting with your Invoice Entry
  • Approval Workflows - Create and manage Approval Workflows for AP Invoices and Journal Entries
  • R365 Payments - Pay your Vendors with a single click (and even earn a rebate while you do it!)

New Scheduling Experience & the new R365 App  

         - A brand new Scheduling experience, built from the ground up to improve functionality and performance. 

            accompanied with the release of the new R365 App. iOS and Android Apps designed with your Employees 

            and Managers in mind.

R365 Financial Report Writer *

         - Build your own custom financial reports for every business need.

*Features may require an additional service / usage fee.  Please reach out to your CSM or R365 Support for more information