Custom Labor Forecasting enables organizations to predict the amount of staff needed at a Location on a given day and hour based on the Forecasted Sales. In order to have this forecast represent the most accurate data, the Labor Configuration must reflect current Operating Hours and list the details associated with both Fixed and Variable Labor Jobs for each selected Location. When both the Labor Matrix and Hourly Forecast are completed, a User will then be able to schedule the forecasted amount of Employees. 

With continuous custom forecasting, you can drive down Labor costs and increase Labor efficiency based on the Sales data forecasted for each hour. 


The following Secondary Security Roles were created for use with Custom Labor Forecasting:

  • Forecasting Admin - This role enables a User to edit the configuration for Custom Labor Forecasting and create, edit, and approve a forecast made by Users with the Forecasting Location role
  • Forecasting Approval - This role provides a User the ability to Approve the Custom Labor Forecast, which would then apply it to the Schedule. Although Users with this Security Role can create and edit Forecasts, Users cannot edit the Labor Configuration
  • Forecasting Location - Users who have this Secondary Security Role will have the ability to create and edit Custom Labor Forecasts for their specific Location(s). They will not have the ability to Approve these Forecasts or edit the Configuration for Custom Labor Forecasting, unless they also have other Security Roles that grant those functions
    • Note: The Location noted on the User record will be the Location that this User would have access to in creating and editing Custom Labor Forecasts

Labor Matrix Setup

In order to create a more accurate foundation for your Custom Labor Forecast, you must first set up the Labor Matrix, which has you note the times, jobs, and amount of Employees needed on the Schedule. Click here to learn more about the Labor Matrix Setup.

Hourly Forecasting

After completing your Labor Matrix, you can then generate your Hourly Forecast and even manually edit your forecast as needed. Click here to learn more information on Hourly Forecasting.

Schedule Calendar

Custom Labor Forecasting provides enhanced features that adjust the Sales and Labor Forecast display on the Schedule. While many features of the Schedule will remain the same, click here to learn the updated features of Custom Labor Forecasting: Schedule Calendar.