Daily Sales Summaries can appear imbalanced at times due to many reasons, including an incorrect or duplicated transaction entry or payments not processed at the time the DSS was polled. To account for these discrepancies, a Journal Entry can be automatically created to balance out the Daily Sales Summary and allow Users to select the Sales Account that should be assigned to each entry. 

When enabled, it is important to note that Balancing Journal Entries will only appear when a DSS is out of balance. If your DSSs are not out of balance when polled, then no balancing entry will be created. 

Balancing Journal Entry Setup

To enable this feature, hover over 'Administration' on the top ribbon and click 'Preferences'. 

Navigate to the 'Miscellaneous' tab and click the 'Enable Balancing Account' checkbox. Once enabled, the Daily Sales Summary that comes in afterwards will create a Balancing Journal Entry if needed.

  • Note: This will not adapt or change any historical DSSs, but if a historical DSS is repolled after this feature has been enabled, it would include a Balancing Journal Entry if the integration deemed it necessary.

Assign Sales Accounts

Balancing Journal Entries are only created when an imbalance is present in a Daily Sales Summary. After assessing the balanced entry on the 'Journal Entry' tab of the Daily Sales Summary, navigate to the 'Assign Sales Accounts' tab and map the entry to the correct Sales Account.