Till Management allows an Admin User to view how money navigates in and out of the cash register. For the POS Systems that support Till Management, Till data can be broken out in R365 to show the movement of money and the Employee connected to each transaction at individual Locations.

It is important to note that only Sicom supports Till Management at this time.

Till Management Setup

Open the desired Location record by clicking 'Locations' under 'Administration' in the 'Accounting' module and selecting a Location. Once opened, navigate to the 'POS Intregration Settings' tab and click the 'Till Management' checkbox. Saving the record will allow Till information to be incorporated on that Location's Daily Sales Summary.

Till Information on the DSS

To view detailed Till information, click 'Daily Sales Summary' under 'Sales' in the 'Operations' module and open the desired Daily Sales Summary. Once opened, navigate to the 'Deposit' tab and click the hyperlinked deposit total. 

A window will then pop up with detailed Till information, including the amount per Till and the Employee that conducted the Till.