The ADP Alternate Export is similar to the ADP Workforce Export in that it runs R365's system to produce a listing of all Employee IDs, Pay Rates, Labor Hours, and more used for Payroll Processing. Rather than simply listing out these details, this report is exported as a CSV to then be sent to ADP for payroll. This export is only beneficial for Users who have ADP as their payroll provider.


To navigate to the ADP Alternate Export, click 'My Reports' in the Accounting Module and select 'Labor' in the top header. Once opened, a listing of reports will be shown. 

Find 'ADP Alternate Export', and select 'Customize' next to the report. This will open up a listing of all Report Parameters that can be used to define your report.

Report Parameters

1) Filter By - A listing of all Location categories

2) Filter - A listing of all Locations associated with the selected Location category

3) Start Date - The beginning date the report is ran for

4) End Date - The end date the report is ran for

5) Percentage of Sales - The percentage of Sales that is taken for tips

6) Download Button - Downloads the report

Report Columns

A) Co Code - The ADP company code

B) Batch ID - The Batch ID of the import

C) File # - Employee Payroll ID

D) Temp Department - The number associated with the job title

E) Temp Rate - The rate of pay

F) Reg Hours - The amount of hours worked

G) O/T Hours - The amount of overtime hours worked

H) Hours 3 Code - Set to 'D' for Double Overtime hours

I) Hours 3 Amount - The amount of Double Overtime hours worked

J) Memo Code - Set to '2', which distinguishes that this is Gross Receipts (Sales Total) for the Employee

K) Memo Amount - The Total Sales amount and Gross Receipts associated with the Employee

L) Earnings 3 Code - Set as 'T' for the tip amount

M) Earnings 3 Amount - The tip amount based on whichever amount is greater: the Percentage of Sales, Receipt Logic, or Total Tips