Why isn’t a transaction matching in my bank activity? 

There are multiple possibilities:

  1.  The transaction does not yet exist in R365, but can be created via bank activity.
  2.  The transaction it should matched to is in a closed period (see Legal Entity record).
  3.  The transaction in the system is not the same amount as what cleared the bank.
  4.  Not matching undeposited funds because you do not have the boxed checked 'Match Undeposited Funds'.
  5.  The date of the transaction in R365 is more than 2 days after the date it cleared the bank

Why can’t I “Add” a transaction in bank activity, from the Unmatched tab? 

This typically happens when the date and location you are adding to is in a Legal Entity with a closed period, as you cannot add transactions to dates that are prior to a closed period. Check your Legal Entity record to see the closed date.

Why won’t my bank activity file upload? 

There are multiple possibilities:

  1.  The file needs to be in a QFX or QBO format only. You can get this format directly from your bank or use a conversion tool that changes a CSV file into a QFX or QBO.
  2.  You have already uploaded the file and the system is designed to prevent duplicates
  3.  There is a period(.) in the name of the file

Click here for information on Bank Activity.

What kinds of bank upload files does R365 support?

When uploading bank activity R365 supports both .qfx (Quicken) and .qbo (Quickbooks) formats.


  1.  Bank Activity
  2.  Additional training on Bank Activity in the R365 Academ

Why are my deposits not polling along with the rest of my DSS? 

This typically happens when the deposit is being entered after the DSS has already polled into R365. Please check with your store managers to make sure all deposits are entered during the day, before overnight polling. If the deposit has been entered after polling, you can enter them manually in the DSS, or email support@restaurant365.net for a re-poll. 

If you are entering the deposits before polling, and they are still not coming over, please email support@restaurant365.net, and include a POS report of the deposit entered, including a time stamp showing that they were indeed entered the day before polling