Prep Logs are beneficial in tracking both the cost of individual ingredients and entire Recipe batches. Once a Prep Log is Approved, this will physically update the Usage Per $1000, the Theo On Hand, and the Cost of the Recipe Item. 

Users who have the Recipe Costing Secondary Security Role along with any Primary Role will be able to create, edit, and delete Prep Stations, Prep Logs, and Memorized Prep Logs. Click here to learn how Prep Logs can be memorized.

Note: For items to be added to a Prep Log, the 'Log Prep' checkbox on the 'Recipe' tab of their Recipe Item records must be checked prior to creating a Prep Log.

Create a Prep Log

To create a new Prep Log, hover over 'Item' in the top ribbon and then 'Transactions' in the sub-menu and click 'Prep Log'.

1) Number - The identifying number associated with this Prep Log. This will be auto-populated, but editable

  • Note: This filed is not editable for logs generated from memorized Prep Logs.

2) Date - The date the Prep Log was created. This will auto-populate to the current day

3) Location - The Location that will be using this Prep Log. Only one Location can be selected

To view old Prep Logs, navigate to 'Inventory Transactions' under the 'Inventory' listing in the Operations module.

  • Note: Prep Logs will not be included in the All Transactions grid because they do not have an Accounting impact

Log Tab

1) Select Item - An item recipe marked as prepped at that Location. This can be found on the Recipe Item and Item Location records. When added to the grid below, this item will become hyperlinked to its Recipe Item record

2) Shelf Life - The amount of time until this Recipe Item is expired. This is located on the Item record under the 'Recipe' tab and is valuable in providing suggestions (#9) for prep

3) Station - The Station that will be prepping this Recipe

4) Batch Qty - The amount of the batch needed for this Prep Log. When a number is added, a black triangle will appear next to the quantity after a Suggestion is made, allowing the User to view the algorithm used


5) Batch U of M - The Unit of Measure per one batch of the Recipe Item

6) Batch Cost - The cost of making the Recipe Item per one batch U of M

7) Total Cost - The Batch Cost multiplied by the Batch Quantity 

8) Add / Clear Button - This will either add or clear the information from the line. If added, the line will appear in the grid 

9) Suggest Prep - This button will provide suggestions of additional items to be prepped only after an item is added into the grid. These suggestions are made based on the last 90 days of prep history (usage per $1000 over the last 90 days + any Approved Prep Logs in between. This is then applied to the Forecast for the Shelf Life from the Date on the record minus the Theoretical on hand). The more this recipe is prepped, the smarter this Suggestion will be 

Ingredients Tab

1) Ingredient - The ingredients that make up all of the Recipe Items selected in the 'Log' tab

2) U of M - The Unit of Measure for each item

3) Quantity - The U of M amount needed for each item based on the Batch quantity

4) Each Amount - The cost of each U of M 

5) Total - The cost of each U of M multiplied by the Quantity. The Grand Total of all line items will be summed at the bottom, right-hand corner of the grid

Prep Log Actions

1) Start With Template - Opens a Memorized Prep Log

2) Memorize - Memorizes the Prep Log for future use. Click here for more information on Memorized Prep Logs

3) Print Log - Prints out a copy of the Prep Log to hang and use at the Prep Station

4) Print Pull List - Displays the Ingredients Tab broken out by station

5) Delete - Deletes the Prep Log