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Commissary Order History by Location (report)This report is ran for a single item and displays all of the Locations that ordered the item within the selected parameters.
Commissary Order History by Item (report)This report lists all of the items that were ordered and the amount that was received within the time frame selected and for the selected Locations. All items can be drilled into to view the Category History by Location Report for further details.
Commissary Order History by Category (report)This report displays the quantity and cost of all orders and the variance between ordered and fulfilled by Category for the selected Locations. Each Category can be drilled into to view the Commissary Order History by Item Report for further details.
Commissary: Commissary OrdersCommissary Order Guides can be printed from the Commissary Template to allow Users the ability to write out the On Hand and Order Amounts while walking around the store.
R365 Financial Report Writer: Report Packages
Footers can now include up to 250 characters.
My Reports: Using 'My Reports'All of My Reports now include a Public checkbox, which enables a User-created Saved View to be made available to all Users who have access to that report. Additionally, Full Access and Accounting Managers have additional options for making a Saved View defaulted for all Users. Review this training article to learn more about this feature!
Update10/8/2020Scheduling: Schedule CalendarThis is only available to Early Adopters at this time. The Schedule Calendar includes the option to create Day Parts to update the Schedule Calendar and the Labor Matrix Setup, if Custom Labor Forecasting is enabled for your instance. This can be seen from the Day View. 
Custom Labor Forecasting: Schedule Calendar
Update10/8/2020Labor Matrix Setup by Day PartThis is only available to Early Adopters at this time. The Labor Matrix can now be set up by Day Part, enabling a more custom design for the amount of Sales vs. the number of Employees needed per Day Part. 
New10/8/2020AP Transactions: Document IssuesWhen an AP Entry User enters in and saves issues for an AP Invoice or Credit Memo from Documents to Process, a new tab will appear called 'Document Issues' that will list all marked issues. These issues will need to be marked as resolved before the transaction can be approved