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Release Date
Update12/6/2019Security Role DescriptionsTwo new Secondary Security Roles were added: Workflow Admin and Prohibit Approve. Check them out here!
New12/6/2019New Scheduling: Managing Requests in the Mobile AppManagers are now able to respond to Employee requests on the R365 Red App! View this training on both navigation and replying to requests!
Viewing the Schedule and Your Upcoming ShiftsA new layout has been released for Employees to view their schedules, enter requests, and update work availability!
Making Schedule Requests (Trade, Offer, Claim, Time Off)
Updating Your Availability
New11/26/2019Advanced Close - Fiscal YearThe Advanced Close feature allows fiscal periods and their modules to be opened and closed as needed to better manage transaction entries. Although not released until early December, check out a sneak peak of this feature here!
Update11/18/2019Email Settings OverviewEver have trouble connecting your Gmail account to R365? Using Google's App Password process enables Users a direct connection between their Gmails and R365 without using their personalized passwords. Review this article or the Google link above to learn how the setup process!
11/18/2019Pulling Data from Quickbooks Online for R365 MigrationThis article reviews the steps needed to pull and prepare data from Quickbooks Online for Restaurant365 during Onboarding. The use of screenshots and a detailed process can help provide clarity to Users when downloading their legacy system's data.
New11/18/2019Pulling Data from Quickbooks Desktop for R365 MigrationThis article reviews the steps needed to pull and prepare data from Quickbooks Desktop for Restaurant365 during Onboarding. The use of screenshots and a detailed process can help provide clarity to Users when downloading their legacy system's data. 
Update11/7/2019AP Imports: Missing Items
An additional column was added to the AP Transactions grid that displays if there are missing items on an import. Because of this, a User can view transactions that need updated in an efficient, quick manner. This article provides an example screenshot of what this looks like in R365.
Update11/7/2019Asset Value ReportA new column was added to this report that includes the Current Depreciation Value for Active Assets.
Update11/7/2019Check Register Report
Additional dates were added to include when bank activity was matched and reconciled, and transactions were marked with a 'V' if they were voided within the time period selected.
Update11/7/2019Security Role DescriptionsTwo new Secondary Security Roles were added: Prohibit Delete and Schedule Approval. Prohibit Delete prevents Users from deleting Documents to Process while Schedule Approval allows Users to publish shifts and schedules. View our Security Role Descriptions to learn more about these roles!
New11/5/2019Preparing Amex Data for a QFX Converter ResourceThis article details the process of preparing a file for a successful import into a CSV to QFV third party application. While the example is from American Express, this guide can also be a beneficial resource for preparing CSV files from other banking institutions. 
Update10/31/2019Commissary: Commissary OrdersThe Location on a Commissary Order can be updated manually via the Commissary Location drop-down menu.
Update10/30/2019Workflows SetupThe Location and Vendor tabs now include a filter that provides a faster search when creating workflows.
Update10/25/2019Commissary: Commissary OrdersCommissary Orders can now be imported via the Import Tool! This allows for bulk entry in a quick, easy manner.
Update10/21/2019R365 Financial Report Writer: Report ColumnsTwo new Column Types were added to include variance!
New10/21/2019R365 Financial Report Writer: Assigning ReportsAssign specific reports to Users by their Report Role. Read this article to learn how!
Update10/21/2019Financial Report Writer Overview & SecurityThe layout of Custom Financial Reports has adapted to allow for reports to have specific User Access. View the updated Security Role descriptions here.
Update10/21/2019R365 Financial Report Writer: ReportsFinancial Report Builders have more control over Viewer Access through Report Role Setup and Downloadable options! 
Currency Conversion for DSS DataFranchisees whose currency is non-USD can now be converted to USD on the Daily Sales Summary by setting up Conversion Rates for those Locations!
Update10/11/2019Restaurant365 OData Connector This document is now updated to include the following reports: Employee, Job Title, Labor Detail, and POS Employee.
Update10/11/2019ACH ReportsNew ACH Exports were released! The example grid at the bottom of the article was updated for this release.
Update10/11/209Positive Pay Overview & ReportsNew Positive Pay formats were released and can now be exported! The example grid at the bottom of this article was updated to account for this release.
10/10/2019Sales Account Import TypesThis article expands upon the Sales Account Import Types and the process /outcome of editing a previous selection in the 'POS Integration Settings' section of the Location record. Note: Making changes to this field after initial setup will cause you to go back and re-map your GL Accounts to the POS.
New10/4/2019Internal Support LinkThe Internal Support Link allows an organization to include a support link on error messages within R365 so that Users can contact a designated support team within their own organization. Note: This is available to some organizations whose software allows for its integration. 
New10/4/2019ADP Alternate ExportThis report runs similarly to the ADP Workforce Export, but is downloaded as a CSV file for ADP Payroll Processing.
New10/4/2019AP Accrual (Report)The introduction of the Dates of Service feature for AP Invoices and Credit Memos allows for the use of the AP Accrual report, where Users can view all AP transactions with Dates of Service within a selected time period.
Update10/3/2019Creating/Modifing Ad Hoc ReportsThis article receive more attention in the 'Creating a Report' section where the steps to 'Save' were clarified.
Update10/1/2019Restaurant Operational Reports ListThis article now directly links out to specific report articles, allowing for enhanced knowledge about each report and how it can strengthen your Operations.
New10/1/2019My ReportsAll of 'My Reports' have now been documented! Review Navigation, Report Parameter, and Report Column information for your favorite reports and maybe even new ones! 
AP Invoice FormThe Dates of Service fields have been shifted from an 'Accrual' tab to the 'Details' tab on the AP Invoice form. Any legacy data will automatically be shifted over from the 'Accrual' tab to the 'Details' tab.
Update10/1/2019AP Credit MemoThe use of the Dates of Service fields is now available on the AP Credit Memo.
Update10/1/2019System Preferences: Miscellaneous
Due to the replacement of the 'Accrual' tab with the Dates of Service fields in both the AP Credit Memo and AP Invoice forms, a new checkbox was included to the Miscellaneous tab in System Preferences.