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Release Date
New7/26/2021Report Subscriptions: Date Settings
Report Subscriptions now display a selected report's Date Settings, which can be updated as needed to pull the desired date/date range's data.
New7/26/2021R365 Financial Report Writer: Combination ReportsCombination Reports include a 'Row Type' column where the column will return the selected value for the row (Default Value, Beginning Balance, or Net Change). Additionally, a new Dynamic Row Group of 'Net Income' is available to display this value in the report.
Update7/26/2021Rule Vault Overview & SecurityOver Q3 2021, all Customers will gain access to the Rule Vault – an enhanced Bank Rule future where creating and managing rules is a lot easier.
Update7/26/2021My Reports: Send, Export, or Print ReportsAll reports in 'My Reports' now have the advanced functionality of sending, exporting, and printing the report from within the reporting window.
GL Allocation Templates Overview & Security

Admin Accounting Users can create custom-made Journal Entry templates that allocate one Source GL Account to one or more Destination Accounts. This can be beneficial for an equity distribution or any time amounts need to be spread to other accounts.


GL Allocation Templates: Create and Edit a Template
GL Allocation Templates: Use a Template
GL Allocation Templates: Mark as '(In)Active'
GL Allocation Templates: Allocation Calculator
Payroll Common PayerThis is currently available to Early Adopters only. The Payroll Common Payer feature will enable one Legal Entity to serve as the Common Payer, or Parent Legal Entity, for one or more Child Legal Entities. View this training article to learn more about this feature.
POS Mapping ToolThe POS Account Management page was renamed to the POS Mapping Tool. Review this article for more information on the POS Mapping Tool.
User PreferencesA new default toggle was added to User Preferences to enable/disable the grid location to default to the header location.
Daily Sales: Review Summary Transactions The 'Paid Outs' and 'House Account' tabs on the Transactions Step of the Daily Sales (Smart Ops Release) have editable fields to assist in mapping Cost Categories and Customers, respectively.
Daily Sales: Review Summary DepositsDue to the Transactions step enhancements, the Review Summary steps were broken out into their own individual articles.
Daily Sales: Review Summary Labor
Update07/07/2021Schedule Calendar: Print OptionsWhen 'Total Hours' is toggled on, each Employee's daily total hours as well as overtime hours will be displayed.
Scheduling: Managing Requests in the Manager QueueShift Trades and Shift Offers will list the Requesting and Receiving Employee's scheduled hours after the trade/offer. This amount will include overtime hours (if applicable), which can help the Manager determine if the request should be approved or denied.
Job RecordWhen the Job Record (Classic) or Job Form (Smart Ops) is initially saved, the location field will become read-only to all Users.
Job Form
Location RecordThe 'Enable R365 Messaging' and 'Exclude From Scheduling' checkboxes are hidden if Scheduling isn't enabled for a database.
Daily Roster Report Includes the additional parameters that will show or hide Daily Hours, Weekly Hours, and Overtime Warnings.
Cash Flow Side by SideThis new report lists the Cash Flow report for each year or Legal Entity side by side for an easier comparison.
Above Store AvTThis report now allows the ability to drill into the category to see by location.