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Release Date
New2/18/2020DSS: GL Account Mapping
The GL Account Mapping report is located within the 'Action' menu of each Daily Sales Summary. This feature enables a User to view the Sales Accounts and Payment Types from that day. This can help to provide clarity as to why a DSS may be out of balance and can be helpful to use before contacting R365 Support.
New2/17/2020Smart Labor ExperienceThe Smart Labor Experience provides a clear view of the Actual Sales and Labor data against your Forecasted Sales and Labor data for the previous day. This information then allows Restaurant Managers to make more accurate staffing decisions for the current day.

Since Custom Forecasting is included in this experience, click here to view the Custom Sales Forecasting and Custom Labor Forecasting training articles!
New2/17/2020Custom Labor Forecasting: Overview & SecurityCustom Labor Forecasting is here! View the Overview of how to Customize a Labor Forecast based on the same day's Sales Forecast.
New2/17/2020Custom Labor Forecasting: Labor ConfigurationThe Labor Matrix enables your Organization to enter the configuration for Labor based on a certain Sales range. This can even further be customized based on Job type. This will then work as the framework for your Forecast.
Custom Labor Forecasting: Forecasting LaborAfter completing the Labor Matrix and the upcoming week's Custom Sales Forecast, generate your Labor Forecast and manually update as needed, depending on a coupon drop or poor weather. 
New2/17/2020Custom Labor Forecasting: Schedule CalendarThe Forecasted Sales and Labor data will be posted to the Schedule, providing the Scheduler an easier way to schedule the exact amount of Employees per hour. 
New2/12/2020Partner Channel Users - Multi-Instance LoginPartner Channel Users will have some changes applied to their User record and the 'Users & Setup' section of Setup Assistant. View this article to learn about these updates!
Update2/3/2020Purchased Item RecordA new checkbox has been added to the Vendor Item record and the Purchased Item record (under the 'Vendor Items' tab) called the Primary Checkbox, which can be filtered and help regulate Purchase Orders!
Update2/3/2020Vendor Item Record
New1/30/2020Multi-Instance SwitchingThis feature allows Partner Channel Users the ability to switch between multiple instances with a single login!
New1/23/2020Restaurant Financial Reports ListAccounting Managers -- Use this list to enhance your Financial Reporting!
New1/22/2020Completing a CrosswalkIf you're in Onboarding and need assistance with completing your Crosswalk, review the steps provided in this article to ensure a successful import the first time!
Update1/16/2020My WorkflowsThe 'My Workflows' screen now includes a Document Previewer and additional Approval and Denial capabilities!
Update1/16/2020Approving WorkflowsWorkflows can now be Approved and Denied in the Document Previewer section of 'My Workflows'. 
New1/9/2020Reversal Journal EntryReversing Journal Entries now include additional options for Reversal Dates on the 'Reverse' pop-up modal. Journal Entries can also be imported with a Reversal Date by using the updated R365 JE Import Template, which can be accessed from the link listed on the row below.
1/9/2020Journal Entry Import Template The R365 JE Import Template has been updated to include a 'Reversal Date' for Journal Entries that need to be reversed on a certain date.
Update1/6/2020System Preferences: MiscellaneousAccounting Users can now receive email updates about the tasks flagged on their instance's To Do Checklist! An email will be sent out daily with these tasks at the time noted and to the email address listed on the 'Miscellaneous' tab of System Preferences.

1/2/2020R365 ReportsAs you begin the New Year, review this Support Center Folder that details out each report within R365! Bookmark this page for better reporting throughout 2020.