The 1096 Form is a tax document that will display the totals of returns from 1099 Customers throughout the year. The information on this document is laid out to print directly onto a government issued 1096 Tax Form.


To navigate to the 1096 Form, click 'My Reports' in the Accounting Module and select 'Vendors' in the top header. Once opened, a listing of reports will be shown. 

Find the '1096 Form', as displayed in the image above, and select 'Customize' next to the report. This will open up a listing of all Report Parameters that can be set to pinpoint the exact download a User needs.

Report Parameters

1) Year - The year the form is ran for

2) Legal Entity - A listing of all Legal Entities that can be selected

3) Vendor - A listing of all Vendors associated with the chosen Legal Entity

4) Download Button - Exports the form as a PDF

Report Details

1) Filer's Name - The name of the Legal Entity

2) Street Address - The Legal Entity's street address information

3) City, State, Zip Code - The Legal Entity's city, state, and zip code information

4) Name of Person to Contact - The name of a person to contact in regards to this form

5) Tax ID Number - This is the issued tax number for your Legal Entity

6) Total Number of Forms - The number of forms sent with this Form

7) Amount Reported with this Form - The total federal income tax withheld 

8) Form 1099-MISC with NEC in box 7 Checkbox - This checkbox marks the type of form submitted

9) 1099-MISC 95 - The type of tax form completed for Vendors