Sales Reports are ran to provide a various amount of information about a Location's Sales and the aspects of Sales that are associated with it, including Server Sales, Recipes, Ticket Count and Average, and much more. With detailed charts and comparisons, a User is able to view the distinction of Sales across Locations and over periods of time.


To access My Reports, click on the 'My Reports' Tab in any module. When the main Reports screen opens, it will default to your 'Favorites', or any report that you previously starred. Hover over and click 'Sales' on the header; this will then display all of the Sales Reports. 

Make one of these reports a favorite by clicking the Star icon to the left of the report name and it will be saved as a favorite in the 'Favorites' tab.

Security and Report Access

Sales Reports can be accessed by Users who have been given Report Roles by their system administrator. 

If you aren't able to view these reports, it's most likely because you don't have security access. Speak with your system administrator to give you access to running or viewing these reports. 


The following reports are available on the 'Sales' tab:

Average Gross Sales by Hour - Compares the Gross Sales by Service Types per hour over a selected period of time. This report also produces a graph along with the data, allowing for a better sense of how the data compares. Often times this report is most helpful in scheduling.

Average Gross Sales Ticket Count - Displays the transactions and guest count by day and day part, which can provide guidance in future scheduling.

Forecast Download Report - Displays the current Daily Forecast for each day in the selected date range.


Forecast Report - Displays the current Daily Forecast for each day in the selected date range along with Weekly and Period subtotals.

Menu Item Analysis - Shows the current selling price, cost, and margin for each menu item as well as the quantities sold. This report can be helpful in providing a clear idea of what items should be promoted, raised in price, marketed more, and removed.

Menu Price Analysis - Shows the cost and selling price for each Menu Item, determines a profit from those metrics, and calculates a variance and price needed to hit the target percentage based on the User supplied target percentage.

Product Mix - Shows each menu item's percent of Sales for a selected period of time.

Product Mix - Year Over Year - Lists Menu Items' current Sales Dollars against their prior year's Sales Dollars for the same days to show the year-over-year difference and help make better business decisions.

Recipe - Allows a User to view Recipe ingredients and instructions, which can be beneficial for kitchen workers or new Employees.

Sales and Labor Productivity Report - Compares the Sales for selected Locations by Service Type, Labor, Productivity, and more. This is beneficial in analyzing key statistics and maximizing future scheduling for each Location.

Sales and Prime Cost - Breaks down Sales by Sales Categories and provides specific details into Guest Counts and Variances in budgets. This allows a User to see how his/her restaurant Location's Prime Cost factors in overall Sales so that scheduling can be maximized. 

Sales Payment Analysis - Displays all of the Payment Types associated with each Payment Group. This provides a clear distinction between Payment Types so a User can see which types are used the most often.

Server Sales Analysis - Assesses the Sales of all servers at a specific restaurant Location. This report is beneficial to see which servers are under-performing and need to be reevaluated.  

Weekly Sales and Labor - Provides the Total Sales for each Location by day and day part. This is an easy way to compare Locations' Sales by both day and day part to target areas where Sales aren't as strong.