Labor Reports allow a User to view data that can enhance and forecast the productivity and scheduling of employees. Analyzing these reports can track employees and help determine how labor has impacted Sales.  


To access My Reports, click on the 'My Reports' Tab in any module. When the main Reports screen opens, it will default to your 'Favorites', or any report that you previously starred. Hover over and click 'Labor' on the header; this will then display all of the Labor Reports. 

Make one of these reports a favorite by clicking the Star icon to the left of the report name and it will be saved as a favorite in the 'Favorites' tab.

Security and Report Access

Labor Reports can be accessed by Users who have been given Report Roles by their system administrator.

If you aren't able to view these reports, it's most likely because you don't have security access. Speak with your system administrator to give you access to running or viewing these reports. 


Academy Progress Report - Tracks the progress of Employees in working through the R365 Academy. 

ADP Alternate Export - Downloads all Labor information, including Hours, Pay Rates, and ID, that can be exported as a CSV for ADP Payroll Processing.

ADP Workforce Export - Downloads all Labor information, including Hours, Temp Amount, and ID, that can be exported for ADP Payroll Processing.

Daily Roster Report - Lists all of the people by Day Part who are on the schedule for a chosen day.

F9 Segment Descriptions - Displays each account code segment/element stored in R365 that can be exported and used for F9 Financial Reporting.

Labor Actual vs Scheduled - Displays the amount of hours worked versus the scheduled hours for each job title and for a given date range.

Labor Actual vs Scheduled - Detail - Provides more detailed information about the amount of hours worked versus the scheduled hours for each Employee, including the Variance in Hours and Pay and how the Actual Labor Percentage compares to the Labor Goals.

Labor Actual vs Scheduled - Punch Details - Runs the numbers for every Employee's labor punches in a given date range. These details give specific Punch Times and Variance in Scheduled Hours and Pay.

Labor Break and Split - Displays all of the break violations for Employees, which can help track consistent violations.

Labor by Employee by Job - Lists the Labor Punches and Total Pay for each Employee for a given date range.

Labor Hour and Rate Analysis - Provides the Regular Hours, Pay Rate, Over Time Hours, and Total Hours by Job Title. Each Job Title can be further expanded to show these details for each Employee.

Labor Payroll Review - Runs all payroll so that the Accounting Manager can ensure that payroll is ready to be sent to the Organization's Payroll Provider.

Labor Productivity Analysis by Week - Compares Sales and Guest Count to Hourly Labor. This can show which Dayparts are above or below the Goal Productivity level per Location.

Labor Punches - Downloads all Payroll Data for a given date range in order to produce paychecks or exported to send to a payroll provider. Currently, R365 runs Labor Punches for the following payroll providers: Alliance, Heartland, Netchex, Paycom, Paycom Tip Reduction, Paycom Tip Resort, Paycom Without Headers, Paylocity, Stratex, and VibeMosaic.

Labor Punches - Paylocity Tip Report - Runs for a selected date range and breaks out Declared and Charge Tips. This report should be downloaded and imported to Paylocity to aid in the payroll process.

Minimum Wage Adjustment - Pulls the pay information for each Employee based on a chosen Job Type to see the pay each Employee should receive versus how much they earned. This can help a User determine the amount of money needed to pay a worker if they did not meet the minimum wage required for the hours that they worked.

Minimum Wage Adjustment - Raw Data - Runs a similar report to the aforementioned, but does not include header information. This allows for an easy export to a personalized data system.

Overtime Warning Report - Lists all Employees who are scheduled or have punch data during the current Operating Week along with their Actual Hours, Projected Hours, and the date and time when their Overtime Starts (if applicable).

Paychex Flex Time Export - Displays all Employee information in regards to punches, which can be exported for Paychex.

Paycom Payroll TAI03 File - Pulls a summary of Labor details that can be utilized specifically for Paycom Pay.

R365 Payroll Export - Pulls a summation of all Labor hours for a selected time range that can be downloaded and sent to a third party payroll provider.

Sales and Labor Budget Chart - Compares the projections for both Sales and Labor, allowing a User to determine if his/her restaurant is on track to meet those goals.

Sales vs Labor - Compares the Sales and Labor side-by-side for multiple Locations. A User can assess how two or more Locations compare on a weekly basis over a specified period of time.

Spread/Memorized Transaction List - Pulls all Spread Transaction details within a selected time frame.

Weekly Labor Evaluation - Breaks down Employee Labor Totals by Location to see what specific Time and Dayparts Employees work in a given date range.