The COGS Allotment Report breaks down a Location's COGS by Operational Reports Category for the dates in a specified calendar period. This report is beneficial to analyze the details of one period's COGS in comparison to that Location's budget allotment, but only when a budget is set for that Operational Reports Category.


To navigate to the COGS Allotment Report, click 'My Reports' under 'Reports' in the left pane and then select 'Purch. & Inv.' in the top header of the reporting window. Once opened, a listing of reports will be shown. 

Find 'COGS Allotment', as displayed in the image above, and select 'Customize' next to the report. This will open up a listing of all Report Parameters that can be used to define your report.

Report Parameters

1) Location - A listing of all the Locations

2) Calendar - This option allows the User to select the Financial or Operational Calendar for period data to be structured

3) Period - This option allows the User to select the period assessed

4) Run Button - Runs the report

Click here to learn more about Report Views and their added functionality.

Report Columns

1) Date - Each date and day of the week in the selected period

2) Sales - The Sales made for that operational reports category per day

3) Allotment - The amount of money allotted for this operational reports category per day to reach the budget (if no budget is set for a category, the Sales will equal the Allotment)

4) Spend - The amount of money spent for that day and for that operational reports category 

5) % - The sum of the Spend column (#4) to date as a percent of the Sales column (#3) to date