The details associated with employee labor, such as scheduling, productivity, and labor punches, are recorded in R365 and can be exported to the User's payroll system. All payroll Labor Exports can be found on the 'Labor' tab of the 'My Reports' page.

It is important to note that while R365 provides labor information at no additional charge, please make sure to verify any service fees from your payroll provider before transferring this data.

Creating a Labor Export

After clicking 'My Reports' under the 'Reports' tab of the 'Operations' Module, find the report that you want to export.

Before running your report, make sure to set the parameters of your report by clicking the 'Customize' button. A window will pop up in the top, right-hand corner of the screen where you can select the specifications of that report, and then click 'Run'. An example of this is seen below

Upon clicking 'Run', your chosen Report will be created for the parameters that you set. Although hovering over the Save icon  will allow you to view several options to download and save your Report, files should be exported as a .csv file unless otherwise noted by your Payroll Provider. 



Importing a Labor Export to a Payroll System

After downloading and saving your chosen Labor Report, log in to your Payroll Provider's website and upload the exported data.