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Blackout Days allow you to set specific dates on the Schedule Calendar that no Employee can request off.

Create a Blackout Day

Hover over the Schedule Menu and select 'New Blackout Day'.  The Blackout Day form will load in a new tab.

To view a list of existing Blackout Days, navigate to the Scheduling Module and select 'Blackout Days' in the left navigation.

Blackout Day Form

1) Date - Enter the Date of the Blackout Day

2) Location - Select the Location where the Blackout Day will be in effect

3) Description - Enter a Description for the Blackout Day that will be displayed on the Schedule Calendar

Example Blackout Day

Web Application: The Blackout Day will be black while other days retain the original gray color

R365 App (Red): When an Employee attempts to Request Time off, the Blackout Day will be Black and will not be selectable