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Classic Scheduling was deprecated in Q4 of 2022. Please refer to the Smart Ops Manager Tools: Blackout Days article for current documentation. 

This article is part of the Scheduling Module training.  Click here for more information on the Scheduling Module.

Blackout Days are specific dates on the Schedule Calendar that no Employee can request off. When entering Blackout Days, one or more days can be selected for one or more Locations at a single time. Only Users who have access to all Locations selected for a Blackout Day will be able to edit that day.

If within the Smart Ops Release window, click here to view the Blackout Day Form.

Create a Blackout Day

Hover over the Schedule Menu and select 'New Blackout Day'.  The Blackout Day form will load in a new tab.

To view a list of existing Blackout Days, navigate to the Scheduling Module and select 'Blackout Days' in the left navigation.

Blackout Day Form


1) Locations - All Locations that the User has access to. Multiple Locations can be selected from the listing

2) Date Range - The date range for the  Blackout Days

  • Note: When clicking the Calendar icon, Blackout Days will be displayed in red font and with a box around the day

3) Description - A description for the Blackout Day, which will be displayed on the Schedule Calendar

Example Blackout Day

Web Application: The Blackout Day will be black while other days retain the original gray color

R365 App (Red): When an Employee attempts to Request Time off, the Blackout Day will be Black and will not be selectable