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Making Schedule Requests

Your Profile

You can access your Profile in the R365 App from any screen by tapping the 'Profile' button.  On your Profile you do the following: 

  • See your Name, Jobs, and the Restaurants you work at
  • Update your Contact Info
  • Set your Availability
  • Request Time Off
  • and Logout of the R365 App

Requesting Time off was covered in the previous article, and Logging Out was covered in the first article, so we won't discuss those here.

Update Your Contact Info

Your Contact info is collapsed by default, so to begin, tap the arrow to expand it.  

Once expanded you can review what information was entered by your Restaurant Manager.  If anything is missing, it is highly recommended that you add it to make sure you can receive the proper Alerts from your Managers regarding Shifts and Time off.  Tap the 'Edit' button to make changes.  

When complete, make sure to tap 'Done' to save the Changes (or 'Cancel' if you don't want to save).  Contact Info Changes do not require Manager Approval, so once you save them, they are saved throughout R365 Scheduling.

Availability Changes

You can Update your Availability from within your Profile by tapping on the 'Availability' button.  

The Availability Screen will open where you can update your Availability on each day of the week.  By default, you'll be available 'All Day' on each day, but you can change that as needed.  

If you are always unavailable on a certain day of the week, you can tap the toggle to make yourself Unavailable for the entire day.  If you are only unavailable during certain hours of certain days, you can tap into the time range to update your partial availability.  When you are done making changes to your Availability, make sure to tap 'Save'.  

Availability Changes must be Approved by a Manager before they take affect.  When you have an outstanding Availability Change Request it will say 'Pending Approval' next to the Availability button on your Profile.  Availability Requests are also listed in the Request List

Manager Approval 
  • If your Manager Approves the Availability Change, your Availability will be updated in the R365 App, and your 'Unavailable' times will be listed on the Manager View of the Calendar.  
  • If your Availability Change is Denied, your Availability will not be updated.

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