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Should an employee's availability change, they can edit their weekly availability from their employee profile screen in the R365 App. The availability changes will then be submitted for manager approval. Once approved, their schedule will be changed, and the employee will no longer be considered for shifts outside their availability. 


Employee User Profile

Employees can access their profile in the R365 App by tapping the employee profile image from the menu or by navigating to the Schedule and tapping the Profile tab.

 Most personal information is updated by managers in the system, but the following is available from the employee profile: 

  • Employee name and profile photo
  • All assigned locations
  • Employee contact information
  • Weekly availability
  • Time off requests
  • Update password

Availability Changes

To change weekly availability, first navigate to the employee profile screen, then follow these steps:

Tap the Availability button. 

This will open the Availability Screen where users can update their availability on each day of the week.

By default, users will be available All Day each day, but this can be edited as needed.

Select days of availability by tapping the a day from the top of the screen.

Days highlighted with a blue circle are days that the employee has availability. When the day is not highlighted, the entire day is made unavailable. 
Select the time of availability for each date. To set a time for specific date, tap the All-day button beside the day of the week to unselect the All-day option.

Tapping this button will open the time selector.
Review the summary of the availability changes. This section updates as the 
Tap Send Request to send the availability changes for manager approval.

The employee's availability will not change officially until it has received an approval.  
Users will receive a notification that the request has been submitted, and the Availability will now be marked as Pending Approval.

Availability requests are also listed in the Request List. 

Manager Approval 

  • Once a manager approves the availability change, the employee availability will be updated in the R365 App, and the unavailable times will be listed on the manager view of the calendar.
  • If the availability change is denied, the availability will not be updated.