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Logging in to the R365 App

Dashboard Screen

On the dashboard, you can get a quick glimpse of the hours you have worked this week (#1), the hours you are scheduled to work (#2), your upcoming shifts (#3), and any announcements (#4) that have been published by your Restaurant Manager.

If you tap on your hours (#1), the weekly calendar (#5) will expand where you can see which days you have worked (in blue) and which days you currently scheduled to work (in orange). When you tap on your upcoming shift (#3), some quick options to trade or offer the shift appear. These are called requests.

You can cycle through the announcements (if there are more than one) and even tap them to display them full screen.

You can view all of the above mentioned as well as time punches by clicking the menubutton. When you click the 'Scheduling' option from this menu, the screen will populate with your current schedule. You are also able to view the Restaurant Schedule, including other employees working each day and their hours.

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Making Schedule Requests