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Users can view their work schedule from the R365 App. On the mobile dashboard, a Schedule widget offers a quick look at the week and shifts ahead. Tapping the widget will open the user's schedule screen, where they can view all their scheduled shifts for the days ahead. 

From the Schedule widget or the Schedule screen, users can also make schedule requests like trading, offering, and claiming shifts. To learn more about making schedule requests, click here.  


Schedule Widget

The schedule widget can be found on the mobile dashboard. It shows users the following information:

Widget Name: ScheduleTap to open the Schedule screen. 
Hours Worked

Number of hours worked in the current schedule as of the current date.

Hours RemainingNumber of scheduled hours remaining that still need to be worked.

Tapping either # of hours will open the quick look ahead at the calendar.

 Upcoming ShiftsUpcoming shifts and necessary shift info including the following:
  • Date of the shift
  • Time of the shift 
  • Job code for the shift
Swiping this section will show additional shifts. Tapping this section will allow users to trade or offer the shift.

Schedule Screen

Users can access the Schedule calendar screen either by selecting Schedule from under Scheduling in the mobile navigation menu or by tapping the Schedule widget on the mobile dashboard.

My Schedule

From My Schedule , users can view their upcoming shifts, view shift details, view schedule requests and their statuses, and access their employee profile. 

Date FrameThe week currently in view. All shifts listed are for the date parameters shown. 
Next/Previous WeekTap the forward or back arrows to view the next or previous week(s) 
My ScheduleAll shifts assigned to the user will be listed here. 
Restaurant ScheduleTap to view a list of all published shifts for the restaurant for each day.

Tapping a date will open a detailed list of all the shifts assigned so that users can select open shifts to claim or other employee shifts to trade. 
Shift ListThe list of all shifts including the following information:
  • Date of the shift
  • Time of the shift
  • Job for shift
  • Length of shift in hours

When a user is not scheduled, and an open shift exists, the date will be flagged with a # Open Shift notice. These can be claimed with manager approval.

RequestTap to view all incoming and outgoing schedule requests. 
ProfileTap to open the employee user profile.