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Classic Scheduling was deprecated in Q4 of 2022. Please refer to the Smart Ops Manager Tools: Announcements article for current documentation. 

This article is part of the Scheduling Module training.  Click here for more information on the Scheduling Module. If within the Smart Ops Release window, click here to view the Announcement Form.

Managers can make Announcements for Employees at their Locations.  They can also decide to send the Announcement out as an Alert, and which Employees it should be sent to.  

Employees will receive the Alert based on their preferred contact method (text or email or both).  Employees will also see the Announcements for each Location where they work on the Dashboard of the R365 App (Red) as shown below:

Create Announcements 

Announcements can be created via the R365 Web Application or the R365 Classic App (Black).

Web Application

Hover over the Scheduling Menu in the top ribbon and select 'New Announcement'.  The Announcement form will load in a new tab.


You can view existing Announcements by navigating to the Scheduling Module and opening the 'Announcements' list in the left navigation pane.

R365 Classic App (Black)

From within the main menu, click on 'Scheduling' to load the Scheduling Module:

Next, click 'Announcements' to load the Announcements list:  

The most recent Announcement will be listed when the page loads.  Click the '+ New' action in the top right corner to open the New Announcement page and create the Announcement.


Announcement Fields

1) Announcement - The contents of the Announcement as it will appear to Employees

2) Start Date - The Date that the Announcement will automatically appear in the R365 App for Employees

3) Expiration Date - The Date that the Announcement will stop appearing in the R365 App for Employees

4) Locations - The Restaurant Location that is receiving this Announcement. Users will only have access to the Locations that are assigned to them on their Employee records. Multiple Locations can be selected to receive the same announcement

5) Department / Jobs - The Department(s) and/or Job(s) that will receive this Announcement. If more than one Location is selected for this Announcement, this field will not be available

  • Note: Jobs excluded from the Schedule will not be available for Announcements

6) Upload Photo - This button enables the User to upload a photo that relates to the Announcement. This photo, along with the Announcement text (#1), are the only parts of this record that will be visible to Employees

7) Alert Employees - This button will alert the selected Employees of the Announcement via text/email. The Employees from the selected Location(s) or a Location's selected Department(s) / Job(s) can be chosen through the Employee selector in this modal. By default, all Employees will be selected but can be deselected as needed