The Workflows feature in R365 allows your organization to establish a chain of approvals for specific transaction types (AP Invoices or Journal Entries) and amounts.  Workflows can be established for each Location or Location Reporting Category, as well as for specific Vendors.  Each Workflow can have up to 10 approval levels as necessary.



Create and Manage Workflow Rules

  • Users with 'Full Access' 
  • Users with 'User Setup' security role

View 'My Workflows' and Approve within their Workflow Hierarchy 

  • Users with 'Accounting Manager' security roles

Click here for more information on User Security Roles and Location Access


Workflows are accessible in two separate places in Restaurant365:

1) Administration Menu - hover over 'Administration' and select 'Workflows Setup'.  This is where Workflows are set up and maintained.  Only users with 'Full Access' or 'User Setup' can access the Workflows Setup page


2) User Menu - hover over your Name in the top right corner and select 'My Workflows' to open the 'My Workflows' page. Note: 'My Workflows' will only appear for Users that have been assigned to a Level within an existing Workflow


Workflows Setup

Before you can utilize Workflows in R365, they must first be established on the Workflows Setup Page.  Click here for training on Workflows Setup

My Workflows

A User's individual Workflows are quickly accessible on the 'My Workflows' page.  Click here for training on My Workflows

Approving Workflows

Workflow Approvals will follow the set Approval Hierarchy in your organization.  Approvals can occur on both the record being approved, as well as the 'My Workflows' page.  Click here for training on Approving Workflows

Workflows Example Flowchart

Walk through the Approval Hierarchy of an example Workflow in this UML Diagram.  Click here for the Workflows Example Flowchart