The Classic Shopping Lists feature is included in the Purchase Order Module and allows Users to combine multiple Purchased Items from multiple Vendors into a single Order Guide for ease of ordering through the R365 Purchasing Assistant. Similar to the Purchase Order Module, once you received the product from the Vendor, the POs created from the Shopping Lists / R365 Purchasing Assistant can be converted into AP Invoices or matched to integrated invoices. The Shopping Lists Feature is included in the Purchase Order Module, please contact R365 Support for assistance in activating the Purchase Order Module.

To get started with Shopping Lists, ensure that you have correctly setup the Purchase Orders Module. Please refer to the Purchase Orders Module Overview and Security article for more information on the required setup steps for Purchase Orders.

Note: If the Smart Ops Release is enabled for your database, Shopping Lists can only be accessed and entered through that experience instead of the classic experience. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops version of Shopping Lists.


Users with the following Primary Security Roles have full access to the New Purchase Order module:

  • Full Access
  • Accounting Manager

Users with the following Primary Security Role can access the New Purchase Order module for data entry but cannot submit a Purchase Order:

  • Restaurant Manager
    • Note: The Submit Purchase Order Secondary Security Role will grant Restaurant Managers the ability to submit a Purchase Order

Ensure that Outbound Email Settings have been properly setup on each User that will Submit Shopping List POs via the R365 Purchasing Assistant.


Shopping Lists are accessible in two separate places in R365.

1. The 'Operations' Module - included in the 'Purchasing' sub-section: 'Shopping Lists'

2. The 'Purchasing' sub-menu - under the 'Vendor menu in the top ribbon: 'New Shopping List'

Classic Shopping List Form

The Classic Shopping List Form is where Users can create Shopping Lists, name them, and assign each Purchase Item and Preferred Vendor to the Shopping List. Click here for training on the Classic Shopping List Form.

Purchasing Assistant: Shopping Lists

The R365 Purchasing Assistant allows you to select your prepared Shopping Lists, turn them into Purchase Orders, and even submit them directly to your Vendors. Click here for training on the Purchasing Assistant: Shopping Lists.