R365 AP Capture is an additional service that R365 offers its Customers. Through the AP Capture Service, Customers can rely on the R365 Data Entry Team to manually enter and review their Accounts Payable Transactions. Please contact R365 Support or your R365 Sales Rep to learn more about AP Capture, the first pillar in the R365 AP Automation Suite.

How it Works

  • Once you are signed up with the R365 AP Capture Service, manually entering AP Transactions details will become a thing of the past.  
  • R365 will work with you to review your Vendors and their specifications.  
  • Where available, AP Transactions will be imported using existing electronic integrations.  
  • For all other non-integrated Vendors (where electronic invoices are not available) the Invoice can be scanned and Uploaded to Documents to Process where the AP Entry Service Team will take over.  
  • Depending on the Vendor, the Team will either follow the set Entry Instructions for the Vendor, or use a predetermined Memorized Template, and enter the details of the AP Transaction.  
  • The Location that is assigned to the transaction upon upload to Documents to Process will be the Location that is set on the transaction as it is entered by the Team.
  • Transactions will be processed within 24 hours from the time they are uploaded.
  • A User in your organization reviews the Unapproved transactions and Approves them! You can use the 'Edit Selected' menu to Mass Approve them and save even more time!

AP Capture Service Setup

  1.  Review and Determine which Vendors will be utilized in the AP Capture Service.  Provide a list of these Vendors to your AP Capture Service Team
  2.  Add the 'Entry Instructions' to each Vendor that will be manually entered by the Capture Service Team. Open each Vendor record and add the Entry Instructions on the 'Vendor Additional Info' tab, then save the record.

  3.  Additionally, you can Create a Memorized Transaction (without an auto-recurrence) for the Vendor. The correct GL Accounts can be pre-set for use by the Capture Service Team. When a Memorized Template exists for a Vendor, the Capture Service Team will be alerted upon selecting the Vendor. If there are more than one Memorized Transactions for the Vendor, a Document icon will appear next to the Vendor selector where the Team Member can select the correct Memorized Transactions (per the Entry Instructions).
    • Single Memorized Transaction Template:

    • Multiple Memorized Transaction Templates:

  4.  Create a Saved View in either the 'AP Transactions' or 'All Transactions' list, filtering on the 'Created By' column.  AP Capture Service Team Members will always have a Username that starts with 'R365 Data Entry' followed by a unique ID, so you can create a filter on the list to include any values that contains 'R365 Data Entry'. Save the view for use during your review.

AP Capture Service Process

Using the AP Capture Service is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Upload AP Transactions that will be entered by the R365 AP Capture Service Team to Documents to Process. You have several options of how to upload the documents.
    • Note: When using either the AP Automation, Manual Upload, or R365 Mobile App Upload options, the Location that is set on the transaction will be pulled from the User's default Location on their User profile. If you are uploading transactions for other Locations that are not your default Location, ensure to upload to the correct Location FTP Folder.
  2. Wait until the next Business Day for the Capture Service Team to work their magic.
    • Transactions will be processed within 24 hours of being uploaded.
    • Still see documents listed? Click here to learn why.
  3. Review and Approve! Process complete!
    • If the AP Invoice is for an Itemized Vendor and there is/are Missing Items on the transaction, a member of the AP Capture Service Team will add comments in the AP Transactions notes for your follow up and review.

Troubleshooting & Additional Follow-Up

At times, documents may have issues listed or may be archived if it is a duplicate transaction. Learn about unassigned Locations and duplicate transactions below. If your document still has not been entered, it may be due to being marked as having an issue. Click here to learn how to resolve document issues.

No Location Assigned

If an AP Transaction is uploaded without a Location, it will be listed in the 'No Location Assigned' list in Documents to Process. A Location is required in order for an AP Transaction to be saved, so without a Location the AP Capture Service Team will not be able to enter transactions without a Location.  

Currently, there is only one method that can resolve the 'No Location Assigned' issue so that the files can be processed by the Capture Service Team. Alternatively, you or a member of your team can enter the No Location Assigned Invoice and ensure that future invoices are not incorrectly uploaded so that the issue is not repeated.

Delete and Re-upload

  1.  Make sure you have an additional copy of the Document, then delete the original Document from R365
  2.  Use any Upload Method to re-upload the file into Documents to Process 
    • Note: the quickest method is 'Manual Upload', however, this method will always assign the User's Default Location

Duplicate Transactions

If a transaction appears to be a duplicate, the AP Capture Service Team will flag the transaction as archived for your review. This is accomplished on the detail view of the document by clicking the 'Mark as Archived' button. When the AP Capture Service Team identifies a duplicate, they will check the 'All Checkbox' to flag the entire document as a duplicate.


Duplicate transactions will be accessible for your review by clicking the 'Archive' button on the main Documents to Process screen.

Clicking this button will load the 'Documents Marked as Duplicates' page where a member of your staff can either delete or process the duplicate transactions. Currently transactions that have been marked as duplicates cannot be passed back to the AP Capture Service Team, and must either be deleted or manually processed by your staff.