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Franchisors have the option of recording and paying AP Invoices on behalf of their Franchisees. The expense can then be passed on and billed to the Franchisee.

Entering AP Invoices on behalf of your Franchisees

  1. Enter the details of the invoice on the AP Invoice form, ensuring to toggle the 'Franchising' toggle in the invoice header
    • When 'Franchising' is toggled, the Details grid will now include a column titled 'Company'. This value represents the Franchisee who will eventually be billed for the invoice expense
  2. Select the Company (Franchisee) during the detail entry process for each detailed line item
  3. When complete, approve and close the invoice
  4. Pay the AP Invoice via Pay Bill, Manual Payment, or the Check Run
    • Note: If the Invoice has already been paid and you are simply recording it, toggle the 'Mark as Paid' toggle to automatically create and apply an AP Payment for the invoice upon approval

Billing the Franchisee for the AP Invoice

During the Franchise Billing process, any approved AP Invoices that were entered on behalf of the Franchisee will be automatically included on the AR Invoice that is generated for the Franchisee. The AP Invoices will be captured based on the 'Company' (Franchisee) value set on the AP Invoice, and the date range for the Franchisee Billing.