The following Consolidated Setup Template can be used to prepare various records for import during the initial setup of R365.  While each tab represents a different record type, they are all provided in the same workbook.  This template should be used in conjunction with an R365 Setup Coach or R365 Partner.

Template NameVersion / Release Date
R365 Consolidated Setup Template
9.0 / 8-1-2018
Template V9

Preparing the Templates for Import

In order for the templates to be imported using the R365 Import Tool, each tab must be saved as a separate .CSV file.  

Step 1: Complete the Template (Tab)

Step 2: Copy the Tab to a new workbook

This can be accomplished by right clicking on the tab and selecting 'Move or Copy'

On the Move or Copy Prompt, click the 'Create a Copy' checkbox, then click the destination selector ('To book') and select '(new book)'.  

Click 'OK' to copy the tab to a new workbook.

Step 3: Save the Template as a .CSV file

Click the 'File' button in Microsoft Excel and select 'Save As'.  In the Save As prompt, give the file a name to indicate what the template contains

Next, set the 'Save as type' to 'CSV (Comma delimited)'.

Click the 'Save' button to create your Ready-To-Import template