This article is part of the Fixed Assets module training. Click here for more information on the Fixed Assets module.

There are three reports specific to the Fixed Assets module: One of these reports is accessible from the Depreciation Form  while the other two reports are accessible from within My Reports.

Depreciation Posting Report

This report is accessible on the Depreciation Form by clicking 'Preview Depreciation' or it will load automatically once the 'Post Depreciation' button is clicked. 

The report is useful in reviewing the Depreciation postings that are being finalized/posted. These postings are broken down by Asset Class and Asset. Each level can be expanded to see additional detail.

Asset Value Report

The Asset Value Report is accessible from within My Reports and will be the primary report used in the Fixed Assets module. The report provided an expanded view of all selected Assets with their Current Cost, Accumulated Depreciation, Net Book Value as well as the Depreciation Method, Asset Account, Asset Class, and relevant dates.

Asset Tag Printout

The Asset Tag Printout report allows users to print Asset Tags to physically tag their Assets. Refer to the Asset Tag Printout article for more information.