Documents to Process is a feature in Restaurant365 that allows Users to upload a PDF or scanned image of an AP Invoice (or AP Credit Memo) to the system and then enter the details of the transaction at a later time.  Various Vendors will provide Invoices electronically (in PDF form) while other Vendors will only provide physical copies of Invoices.  When physical invoices are received, a User can utilize the R365 Mobile App to take a picture of the invoice and upload it to the Documents to Process list.  The R365 Mobile App will convert the picture to a PDF and upload the file into R365.

Click here for more information on Documents to Process: Upload Methods

Uploading Files via R365 Mobile App

Step 1 - Open the Mobile App and Navigate to AP Transactions List

The AP Transactions list is located in the Operations section in the R365 Mobile App.  When opened, it will list all of the AP Transactions that your User has access to view (per your Location Access).  In the top right corner of the screen, there is a Camera icon.  Click this icon to open the Docs to Process uploader

Step 2 - Choose how you will upload the picture

The App will automatically prompt how you want to upload the image, either from your Photo Library, or by taking a new picture with your camera.  

  • Note: If for some reason the prompt doesn't load, or you click cancel, click the '+ New' button in the header to reopen the prompt.

Step 3 - Select an Image or Take a Picture using your Phone Camera

Step 4 - Give the Picture a Name (optional)

Step 5 - Click the 'Actions' Menu and choose an Action

  1. Send to Docs - this Action will convert the picture to a PDF and upload the file to your Documents to Process List.  The Location associated with the file will be your User's primary Location.  See Action 1 below for more information.
  2. Enter Details - this Action can only be performed if the invoice details have been completed on the 'Form' tab.  This Action allows you to create a completed AP Invoice from the Mobile App while also attaching a copy of the scanned invoice file.  See Action 2 below for more information.

Action 1 - Send to Docs

No additional information is required.  Tap 'Send to Docs' and the picture will be converted to PDF and uploaded to your Documents to Process list.


Action 2 - Enter Details

Before using this Action, you must click on the 'Form' tab and complete each required field.  Once completed, you can then tap the 'Enter Details' Action and the picture will be converted to PDF and attached to the AP Invoice record that you just created.  A warning will appear if all required fields are not completed.