Restaurant365 provides an OData connector that you can use to access your Restaurant365 data from within your OData reporting provider.  The following providers can be used with the R365 OData Connector:

Before you can utilize the R365 OData Connector, various settings must be updated by the R365 Support Team.  If this setup process has not been completed, you will receive an authentication error when you attempt to login. Please reach out to R365 Support ( in order to start, or troubleshoot the connection process. 


Authorized Users - R365 Application

Any Active Restaurant365 User with the following Security Roles are permitted to use the R365 OData Connector:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Manager
  • Business Analytics Admin
  • Business Analytics View Only

Click here for more information about R365 Security Roles


R365 OData Connector Users - Provider Application

Depending on the size of your team, and the needs of your organization, you can take one of two approaches to which Users will access the R365 OData Connector:

  1. Have each User authenticate using their R365 User profile:
    • Accessible Data will be limited to the User's R365 Location Access
    • Users can be deactivated as needed
    • Password changes must be made on both R365 and Provider platforms
  2. Create a Dedicated R365 OData Connector User:
    • Accessible Data will include all Locations
    • User could not be deactivated without removing access for all Users
    • Password changes must be made on both R365 and Provider platforms

With each solution, your Users will have to update their password on each platform.  Choose the solution that works best for your Organization.


Authenticating to the R365 OData Connector

OData Connector Credentials must be entered using the following format: 

  • [Domain]\[User Name]
  • For example, if your Restaurant365 URL is then you would enter: 
    • yourCompany\[User Name]


Available Reports

The following reports are provided by the R365 OData Connector:

  • Transactions – All the financial transactions within your Restaurant365 system
  • Transaction Details – The line items associated with each transaction
  • Companies – Vendors or other companies in Restaurant365
  • Items – Information regarding the items in your Restaurant365 system
  • Locations – Your Locations as specified in Restaurant365
  • GL Accounts – Your GL Accounts as specified in Restaurant365
  • Employee – Employees as specified in Restaurant365
  • Job Title – Job Titles as specified in Restaurant365
  • Labor Detail – Employee punch (clock in/out) data
    • Using the 'employee_ID' field, Labor Detail can be joined to Employees through the 'employeeid' field
    • Using the 'JobTitle_ID' field, Labor Detail can be joined to Job Title through the 'JobTitleID' field
    • Using the 'location_ID' field, Labor Detail can be joined to Location through 'locationId' field
  • POS Employee – Employee record that acts as the link between R365 employees and POS employees

Obtaining Metadata for Requests

The metadata/schema for each of the endpoints can be hit through the use of “$metadata”$metadata


Data Filtering & Querying

Use standard OData calls to perform Data Filtering and Querying